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About Jonathan


I’m a serial space entrepreneur, inventor, space technologist, space policy nerd, blogger, Twitter addict, pragmatic libertarian, husband of a really patient wife, father of five awesome sons, tenor, Eagle Scout, and member of and former missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Not necessarily in that order.

I love mentoring and working with fellow space entrepreneurs, and enjoy helping make introductions to people in my network. I love helping solve problems, especially multi-domain problems in the junction between business, technology, and policy. I’m a creative, who loves finding ways to tie together various companies’ technologies to solve problems that really matter to society.

~Jonathan Goff


I’ve been an active participant in the entrepreneurial space sector for nearly two decades, where I’ve done everything from swinging wrenches, to engineering, program management, business development, business operations, fundraising, technical and business strategy development and implementation, policy development, and other leadership roles. I have published papers on topics including orbital propellant depots and astrodynamics, powered landing test beds, satellites servicing best practices, and lunar development. I’ve participated in professional organizations and trade associations such as AIAA and CONFERS.

Voyager Space

I was Voyager’s VP of On-Orbit Servicing from 2020-2022, where I led technical and business strategy development and execution across the Voyager’s on-orbit servicing portfolio. This included participating as a member of the CONFERS satellite servicing industry association’s Executive Committee.

ALtius Space Machines

I was a founder of Altius, and ran it as President and CEO from 2010-2021. I helped win and execute on dozens of commercial and government development contracts, was an inventor on several patents, grew the team to over a dozen employees, and helped Altius secure an acquisition by Voyager.

Masten Space Systems

I helped Dave Masten found Masten Space Systems in 2004, and served as their Lead Propulsion Engineer for six years, including helping them win the Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge in 2009.

Masten Xombie VTVL vehicle in-flight
Masten Space Systems Xombie VTVL Vehicle in-flight (credit: Alan Radecki)
Altius Bulldog satellite servicing tug (Credit Altius/SNAJU)
Altius DogTags on OneWeb Satellites prior to launch (credit Ruscosmos)
3-Burn departure maneuver for LEO depot-enabled interplanetary smallsat missions
LEO depot concepts for interplanetary smallsat missions