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Veteran Space Entrepreneurial Support for your Startup

From reusable rockets to space robots, leverage my experience with starting and running deep tech startups to help propel your team to the next level.


I’m Jonathan Goff, a serial space entrepreneur who helped co-found reusable rocket lander startup Masten Space Systems and satellite servicing startup Altius Space Machines. After selling Altius to Voyager Space Holdings, I ran Voyager’s on-orbit servicing portfolio for two and a half years. My experience runs the gamut from rocket plumbing, to designing, building, testing, and flying spaceflight hardware, to operating a bootstrapped aerospace startup, writing and winning dozens of commercial and government technology development proposals, developing and implementing technical and business strategy across a portfolio of companies, to pushing the envelope of space technology and policy.


Technical/Business Strategy

Expertise in crafting an agile focus strategy based on a business’s unique capabilities, including identifying, evaluating, and prioritizing market opportunities.

Proposal Writing

Proven track record in writing dozens of winning government and commercial proposals. From technology development to flight hardware production.

Startup Operations

Hard-won experience from two bootstrapped aerospace companies, combined with a strong network of entrepreneurial mentors.

Systems Architecture

Spaceflight systems mission architecture design and evaluation.


Creative technical problem solving, with a particular knack for combining innovative technologies across multiple domains


Extensive network, with a passion for building multi-company teams to solve complex business and technical problems.

Masten Xombie VTVL vehicle in-flight
Masten Space Systems Xombie VTVL Vehicle in-flight (credit: Alan Radecki)
Altius Bulldog satellite servicing tug (Credit Altius/SNAJU)
Altius DogTags on OneWeb Satellites prior to launch (credit Ruscosmos)
3-Burn departure maneuver for LEO depot-enabled interplanetary smallsat missions
LEO depot concepts for interplanetary smallsat missions